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Clinical Evidence

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has been shown to have a positive effect on the healing rates of (large) acute and chronic wounds.

For over 50 years there have been numerous clinical papers highlighting the benefits on healing rates and exudate management by applying a negative pressure in a moist and closed wound environment. The exact biological mechanisms are still under much debate but the indications are that NPWT has an effect on:

Wound moisture management

  • - Removal of slough and exudate

  • - Reduction of interstitial edema

  • - Minimizing bacterial impact

Cellular stimulation

  • - Increased blood perfusion

  • - Increase granulation

  • - Stimulating fibroblast proliferation

  • - Stimulating endothelial cell growth


Complex wounds have big social and emotional impact on patients and are a large labor and budgetary burden on care staff and their organizations. Applying NPWT as an alternative in complete spectrum of wound care can thus enhance the wound closure rate. This will seriously contribute to the well being of patients and healthcare providers. Genadyne now offers an easy to use, lightweight solution for all care settings. It is cost effective, allowing healthcare providers to apply the benefits of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to all patients not just the most severe cases.

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