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XLR8 Port Pad

The XLR8 Port Pad provides easy 2 step application to the wound dressing. Luer Lock attachment ensures safety during therapy.

XLR8 Film

The XLR8 film is clearly marked to be trimmed to the accommodate the different wounds sizes. The 3 step application is allows for rapid application.

XLR8 GreenFoam

More than just a different COLOR
The visual impact of the XLR8 GreenFoam is undeniable. Green was chosen to create contrast with and easier detection in the wound bed. Preventing pieces from being left behind.

XLR8 Green Foam- is a fully reticulated hydrophobic polyurethane foam made with polyether resin to allow better hydrolytic stability. While under pressure, this design allows increased performance in moist environments. The Foam promotes perfusion and assist in tissue granulation. In addition, fraying is reduced, preventing stray pieces from being left in the wound bed.

Cell Structure- Duo-Decahedron structure give the cells a three-dimensional skeletal strands.
This provides special filtering qualities. The combination of cell structure and composition gives the foam a non-adherent property, easing the removal during dressing changes and almost eliminating pain.

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